Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

The shopping is all done, the wrapping almost complete. In fact, I was pretty much done last Thursday the 16th, which is probably the earliest I have EVER been done. Nothing left to get.

And it's killing me.

For me, the gift giving is half the fun. I love shopping, and considering all the people on my list, and trying to find something that they would enjoy and be excited by – and maybe even surprised by. I enjoy shopping, who doesn't, especially when I'm not shopping for jeans for myself. And so yesterday and today, there are shops I could go to, aisles I could browse, and yet no gifts to purchase and definitely no money left in the Christmas Club account.

I love the anticipation of Christmas, the searching, the wrapping, and the surprise of it all. I try to put lots of thought behind each gift. And so now, I'm just waiting. Waiting to see all the family, waiting for all my siblings to open their presents, and waiting to play with the cousins!

Maybe I could get started on next year's gifts. But then I'd be sad for months while I had to wait with no more shopping to be done. THAT would be heartbreaking.


PS-Did you see how I just skipped over that whole 3 month blogging hiatus? Yep, we'll just pretend like it never even happened.

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barb said...

Oh, how I love buying gifts too. I really don't care for the receiving, just the buying.