Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What Makes a House a Home?

This whole house thing is going to make me tear out my hair-which considering how annoyed I've been every morning trying to do my hair-may or may not be a good thing. Basically my husband and I have been looking at houses since November at least. And I know that Mark and I are the slowest people ever for making decisions, but this is huge and we wanted to be sure we were making the right decision.

Well then, in February, we changed our priorities and bought 160 acres of land. So , we finally made our way back to start looking at homes again. We've looked at about every house in Clay Center that is for sale under the $115,000 mark. We finally (FINALLY!) made a decision to put an offer in on a house on April 19th. Mind you, this house I do not love, but it has lots of potential, more living space than most, and a good resale value.

Our goal has always been to build our dream house as soon as possible. With the purchase of our land, we hopefully will have built up enough equity that we can do that in about 5 years. So the purchase of this first house is a short term thing, with the major issue being able to resale the house.

But, back to our offer, it was scary! But also really exciting. But by the end of it all, after two days of back and forth and strategy and numbers, we decided to walk away and not accept her counteroffer. This house had been on the market for a whole year and she was just asking too much for a 2BR, 1 Bath. And I did my research and had a pretty good idea what she had payed for it, and I refused to pay $15000 more than what she had payed only 2 years ago. But, I found out that another couple met her price, with the condition of her paying all closing costs, and it annoyed me. That house grew on me, I kinda liked it and the possibilities it had. And now, I can't have it. People at work are trying to help me, saying better they pay too much than you-but I'm just not sure I'm buying that right now. (Ha! I'm not buying anything.)

Now though, I'm just not sure that I'm as happy with the other options we have here in Clay Center. There are some houses, but I'm just not feeling anything. And to make it all worse, we have even more options to add to the mix. There is a house in Linn, which is closer to the farm, and about 20 min. away from our jobs in Clay Center. But with that house in Linn, enters family drama. Or we could always just purchase a cheap-o Doublewide, move it to our land, and just stash away bunches of cash. Or we could try and build now. Interest rates are not going to get any lower.

Plus, my little secret is, and I've just been scared to admit to it, but...... I kinda like living in town. I know-how dare I! Married to a farmer, I know what that means. I've always lived outside of town, and Mark and I decided long ago that we would raise our children on our farm. And eventually I do want to move out there. But for right now, I like being in town, close to the grocery store, close to work, close to people. And with my Mary Kay business, I want to be able to have a room, dedicated only to Mary Kay, in a house that is close to my customers. I want to hold classes, shows, open houses, everything-right there at my own house.

The biggest problem though is that it's really starting to bother me. I'm normally able to shake things off, stay positive and optimistic, and this whole thing really has me going the other way. I really noticed it when a girl from work, who readily admits to being a pessimistic, glass half empty kind of gal, was trying to cheer me up saying, "Don't worry. Everything will work out, stuff happens for a reason." And I just thought, "Nope, not today. Not helping today."

I go back and forth in mind a hundred times a day. I've noticed I'm quieter and more subdued, both of which are not normal characteristics. Golly, it's just tough, and I have not been able to shake it.

So, I'm taking all comments. Pick-me-ups, suggestions, thoughts, opinions, food recipes. Anything. Whatever. All of it. Before I make some rash decision, and end up just buying just to have bought something.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend = Success

This is what I ate this weekend:

Wendy's Breakfast Sandwich
Chipotle Burrito
"Heavy" Hors d'voeuvres (and yes I used spellcheck on that)
....such as Ribs, Mini Corndogs, Mini Soft Pretzels, Yummy Cheese and Crackers, lots of cheese and crackers, Mini Tacos
just a few Bud Lights-both from the open bar and the way too expensive one
Snow Crab Legs
Crab Rangoons
Maraschino Cherries-and yes those count as an individual dish
Fluffy, huge Blueberry muffins
Fried Chicken
Mashed Potatoes
yummy 7 layer salad
Mint Chip Shake (from QuikTrip-yea for QT stops)
And I finally finished it all off with a Fountain Mountain and a bag of chips

This is all in a 48 hr timespan-I think I maybe overdid it.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Save the Date

HeHeHe, too much fun.
An individual that I know is getting married sometime this year and I know for a fact that some of his friends are making bets on the longevity of this marriage. How horrible is that? I just really hope that no one was standing at the back of our reception saying, "I'll put $10 on 8 months."

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You know how tv shows always have big specials when they hit a certain number of episodes. Well, according to my little counter on the right side, I've had 200 people visit my blog. If you subtract about half of those (of which are probably me using my blog links to go to my other favorite blogs) I've had 100 people visit my blog since the beginning of this month! Yea for me! I hope you enjoyed your stay, please leave a comment as you go. I take all questions, comments, criticisms, and suggestions. Actually I take that back-I don't want any criticisms, but leave any thing else!

Workin' hard for the Money-well not really

I love marketing. I think that I am good at marketing. I loved my job at the Athletics Dept. for K-State, and I even sometimes miss school and working in all of the different Marketing classes, doing events and working towards something. Now..... well now, I work at a bank, as a teller counting people's money. Sometimes it's just truly depressing. I love the people I work with, they're crazy and fun and about as drama-free as a workplace (w/ about 10 women) can be. But, I know that I can do better. I know that there's a better fit for me somewhere. Working at this bank, there will be opportunities, they do understand that I am a great worker and have great possibilities, but when? When will I see it? And will it be enough?

I also love my job with Mary Kay. I see so many great possibilities there as well. It's challenging, fun, and I get out of it exactly what I put into it. Plus, if I really worked at it, I know that I could be a Mary Kay director, be succesful and also be able to one day stay at home with my kids. And I get better bonuses, like a free purse last year and a CD player this last month. And if I become a director, diamonds and free cars!

Hmm, what a hard choice.

Friday, April 17, 2009

I don't care what they say


I hate these nasty things. They live in my basement and make me scream. Gross gross gross. Blech-uuckkk-shiver Don't expect me to feel bad for anyone

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Not that I don't worry enough about my bathroom breaks

How awkward is small talk in bathrooms while you're washing your hands? Do you ever find yourself just kind of hanging out in the stall-waiting until you know the other person has left? I hate it. I mean seriously other than, "Watch out-it gets hot pretty fast," nothing is really needed to be said in that situation. The worst thing though is when its someone you know or even someone at work. Because what if the conversation takes longer than washing your hands? Do you stand around to finish talking? Other people may be trying to get to the sink. Do you walk outside the bathroom and stand there, in the hallway or whatever?

I've never claimed to be good at small talk, and I can be very socially uncomfortable in situations in which I do not know the proper protocol. Believe me, ask my husband, I freak out when I have to go into a store or place I'm not familiar with. I never know where to park, or who I'm supposed to talk to, or what I'm supposed to say-and I know that everyone else does know what's going on, so there's this huge finger pointing at me from the sky saying this girl doesn't know what's going on! Laugh and point at her! Not that I need to lay out all of my craziness for you to see, but its true right? Bathrooms are just awkward.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's getting dangerous now....

This Easter Sunday, my husband and I traveled to his parents for sunrise service and Easter lunch. I was terribly excited, but not for the beautiful service or the delicious ham and deviled eggs (yumm-a favorite of mine) or even so much the chance to drink pop again. But instead, I was excited to hold and love on and enjoy and just eat up the yumminess of a 2 week old baby. Little boo-boo (the nickname bestowed upon him by his mommy and sister-poor kid!) is a snuggle worm and oh goodness-the smell of that beautiful baby's little head. If that could only be bottled and sold. Oh heavens, this blog is turning into a mommy blog and I'm not even a mommy! But all I can talk about is babies!

Friday, April 10, 2009


Happy Easter Weekend! I'm headed down early to my in-laws so that I can clock as much time with my beautiful new little 2 week old cousin. I don't know when I shall make it back from BabyLand.

Be quiet, tiny little voice in my head. I don't need one for myself-no matter what you say!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Have You Been Here Before?

I'm looking for some sort of tracker to put on my blog that will allow me to see who stops by my blog, where they're from and if they're returning or new visitors. And I want to be able to block my computer so that it doesn't count me when I stop by my own blog. So any suggestions? ideas?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I haven't been doing real well with my 25 things. I always get too distracted halfway through and never finish a post. It takes so long!

But anyways #14 - I am nervous about being able to have a baby. For some reason, I have always had this fear. And before Mark and I even got married, we had discussions about children and my fears. I have always known that I wanted to have children, and that I want to have more than 2. In fact, I have always envisioned myself with about 4 to 5 kids. I grew up in a crazy huge family and love it, even with all the complications and dirty laundry.

And not that Mark and I are trying, but it has always been in the back of my mind. I want to experience pregnancy, but I also believe that adoption is such an awesome way to help others and really make a difference in someone's life. But it is all expensive, whether we're talking adoption, IVF, or any other of those choices. I mean come on! The normal way to get pregnant is definitely cheap and probably the most fun. And I realize that worrying or even just thinking about that which I have no control over, especially right now, is pointless. Someday we may have to face those kind of decisions, or maybe not.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

T Minus Ten Days

I only have to wait until next Sunday before I can start drinking pop again. Oh my Glorious Mt. Dew-my Beautiful Fountain Mountain-how I miss thee. By now, I normally have a decreased desire to drink pop, and no longer worry as much about it. But this year, I have really struggled.

I have so many triggers. For instance, getting into my car, or heading back to work after lunch, or cleaning. The problem is these are daily occurences (well except for the last one.) And daily I am reminded how much I want a pop by the crisp sound of my co-worker opening her soda can or by someone sucking out the final drops of pop from her styrofoam cup. And I cannot wait until I am able to again experience the joys of caffeine.

And as everyone has reminded me during this time, I know that if I was pregnant I would not be able to drink pop. And contrary to my prior post, I am not pregnant, and I plan on enjoying every moment of pop-filled bliss until I do have to make that 9 mo. sacrifice. Think about that! No pop, no beer, no wine, and in their place nausea, swollen ankles, and (even more) mood swings.

But, for right now, I just know that I am counting down the days until I can again enjoy my styrofoam 32 oz. cup filled to the brim with only 3(!) ice cubes and cold Mt. Dew . It's horrible for me and how pitiful is that. But I suppose that's why we do it, to remind us that our suffering and our sacrifice is miniscule compared to that of the ultimate sacrifice. But still, no pop is no good for me.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009