Saturday, July 28, 2012


loving: lazy mornings on the couch

reading: I just got done with "Pride and Prejudice". It took a little bit, but I really got into it. I'm watching a Youtube miniseries based on the book, which is really why I read the book, it's SO interesting to see how they modernized the story. I'm excited to watch it unfold, especially now that I know what's going to happen. If you want to watch it too, check out the Lizzie Bennet diaries.

waiting for: K-State Football to start!! #35days from today!

excited about: ummm.....the above! I love football, but I'm also excited just to see all of our friends -since college we really only see a lot of those guys at tailgating, so it's always great to get together. Plus tailgate food!

missing: Mt. Dew this morning - I've been so good for a long time, and I hardly ever crave it anymore...but for whatever reason I am this morning.

trying to: get motivated

working on: cleaning out that room in the back of the house that just becomes a magnet for junk

enjoying: the Olympics! Such a fun time of the year

using: my DVR so I can watch the end of the Opening Ceremonies - it got too late to watch it all last night, since I started about 3 hours late as it was

wearing:'s Saturday and I'm not doing anything but staying at home - still have my pajamas on!

planning: me? plan? I only like to try to plan 5 years out - I'm not good at planning the stuff right in front of me. Like I want to figure out exactly how we're going to build a new house, where at, and where we'll live while we're building, if we should sale our house in Clay first - and do you think that any of this is anywhere near happening? no, not at all.

singing: I don't do's best for everyone.

needing: to brush my teeth, yuk! I really have done nothing other than move from the bed to the couch!

learning: I've been learning all kinds of stuff, I'm an Internet/twitter addict - that means I've read articles on almost anything but understand nothing

listening: The Civil Wars - I am so obsessed with them. I love their stuff, I love their covers - oh goodness please listen to their cover of Billie Jean, Disarm, Sour Times, and you must listen to their version of the Star Spangled Banner - gorgeous.

wishing: I was a better housekeeper and more organized

doing: nothing yet! But soon, I will do the dishes and put away the clean laundry and venture into that room that's supposed to be a spare bedroom - not an extended version of the junk drawer.

praying for: confidence and growing stronger in my faith

dreaming of: taking another vacation this year - I told Mark there's just so many places I want to see, from Coney Island to Savannah, Georgia (to England and Germany and New Zealand, etc.) that we need to start now!

{this currently post idea is borrowed from Emily at Jones Design Company. Gorgeous inspiration. You should read her blog.}

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tweet Tweet

So are you a Twitter addict like I am? If you're not on Twitter, you have a hard time understanding what is so interesting for us Twitter fiends - right? Twitter is like a really big Chat Room. But someone said it best when they said Twitter is for all of the people you wish you could have a drink with (and Facebook is for all of the people you'd like to throw a drink at!) I love watching live sporting events and following along with all of the beat writers and sports analysts. And I love the rumors. Ah yes, Twitter rumors....and Twitter jokes - love it!!
And I spend every moment on Twitter because Twitter is sarcastic. and Twitter is informative, and Twitter is funny, and mainly - Twitter is just a good time.
So follow me on Twitter, it's all of my snarky thoughts that don't belong on Facebook!

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Everyone knows that Social Media is the new "buzzword" for businesses. You have to do them all, Facebook, Twitter, Blogging (duh) and now even Pinterest is being used by companies. Well my lovely, little radio station has to stay up on all the hip new things so we started our own Pinterest page. We pinned the usual food recipes, funny posts, and song lyrics. We use it to link to our blog, pictures of our communities, etc. But we also use it to help our listeners learn a little more about our "on air" people. And somehow, I've become a gal you'll hear on the air quite a bit. So, I have my own little "Obsession" Board. I've pinned of course some old books and clocks and antique-y gorgeousness. I've pinned The Hunger Games, a Wine Guide, music favorites, and more. I'll let you know about some more of my obsessions, but I HAVE to tell you about one of my latest fixations. 

Veronica Mars - yes Veronica Mars, from like 6-8 years ago. I watched all 3 seasons within like a month. I had to start to pace myself as I got closer to the end, just because I didn't want it to end. And then it did, and horribly so. I could not get over it for days! I still think about it, and wonder about Veronica and Logan, their life, if they were ever able to figure out their issues, and what about Piz and Wallace and Veronica's dad. Oh my goodness, it's just horrible that I can't find out what happens with these made-up people's lives! But seriously, I have never been so involved in a tv series (and believe me, I get pretty hardcore about tv shows) but I feel that watching so many hours of this show in such a short amount of time really heightened my connection to this show. Veronica Mars I love you. And I have such a bad boy crush on Logan. Please someone just make this a movie, please. I NEED to know their future!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Catching up's been awhile - but who cares, right!?

So what's happened since the last time I blogged? Mark and I have grown our farm, bought a convenience store with a couple of friends, gone on a cruise, grew friendships, seen a fertility specialist, been disappointed and cried a few tears, learned a lot about ourselves, gotten hooked on a few TV shows, lost some weight, and much more that I don't even remember right now.

The biggest thing in the past 9 or so months has been Mo's Stop 'n Shop. Mark and I, along with our friends (who represent the "O" in Mo) bought our local, little small town convenience store. It has been............ eye-opening. I have always wanted to own my own business and being a part of a such a great small town's community has been great, probably the biggest reward for what we're doing. My sister said it best when she reminisced about our own little small town gas station. When we'd head home from college with friends in tow, and we'd always have to make a run past D&G's. But it has also been tough, a daunting task, and overwhelming at times. The hours we've worked, the times I've had to leave my actual full-time job, the fights it's caused, the stress we've endured, honestly just a bunch of crap. But I love it. I love the challenge and the pride I feel walking into MY store. I kinda feel like buying this store has been a "marriage" in a way. It's difficult, rewarding, maddening, and I can't and won't just walk away from it.

So here we are- Newlyweds, Mo's and I. I guess I just need to figure out where to go on a honeymoon!