Wednesday, February 25, 2009

But maybe I'll save some money.

I'm nervous, are you? Today's the start of Lent, that means that all over America and worldwide people are giving up pop, sweets, coffee, and all the other things that make us happy and more amiable. Myself included. I am giving up all pop. And I've discussed my affection for Mountain Dew before, so this is a serious thing. I do it most years, and it does hurt for awhile but I do eventually feel better. I will persevere.

I hope. Just watch out the rest of this week and next.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Burnin' Burnin' Burnin'

I love the smell of smoke in the air. It signals the start of spring to me. Ranchers start burning grassland and pastures. I love it. I just also hope that all the burning is on purpose.


I have crazy, weird dreams that are very vivid. Each morning I wake up feeling as if I had just watched a full feature film starring myself. I can still remember the dream I had about a month ago that I was pregnant...with my 7th grade boyfriend. I can remember us walking around and telling people and looking down at my pregnant belly. And don't worry about Mark, he first of all, was not too shocked by this specific dream as he's normally subjected to a full list of all the details from the night before. Maybe he was just glad this one time to have been left out of the craziness.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

I am That Girl, Aren't I

I have a confession to make......Shh, don't tell anyone, but I have been facebook stalking my ex-boyfriend. I know, horrible. He recently just got a new girlfriend (who happens to be about 8 years younger than him-hehe) and I always check to see if she has written anything on his wall or if he writes anything about her. If only there was a picture of them together, I think I would be satisfied. And it's not because I'm crazy or jealous or anything. And don't think I can't hear you laughing at me. Because I can.

I simply, honestly want him to be happy. I still care about him, he was an important part of my life for quite awhile. And as funny as I find it that he's dating someone who's the same age as his youngest brother(again hehe)-I still hope he will find someone that's right for him. And so I facebook stalk, to check on him. Most people will probably think it's jealousy or craziness, I blame boredom and easy access.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

This is For the Love of My Life

What are your middle names? ~ My husband's is Donald, after both of his grandpas and mine is Leagh.

How long have you been together? ~ We started dating not quite five years ago and have been married 1 year and 5 months.

How long did you know each other before you started dating? ~ We met the night before classes our freshman year at college, which was August and started dating in April, so 8 months.

Who asked whom out? ~ Well it depends who you ask. I think we both were pretty flirtatious, but Mark was more of the pursuer, until he got a girlfriend from his high school. Then, we waited until they broke up...and that night when we got back from the bar, I finally asked him if he was going to kiss me or not and he did. And that was the start of it all!

How old are each of you? ~ He just turned 24 last month, and I'm 23.

Whose siblings do you see the most? ~ That's probably a toss up. He only has one sibling and I have like, well I don't remember right now how many I have-too many, so we probably see my siblings in totality more-but if you split that up between each sibling it'd be a lot more equal! We love them all and would spend more time with everyone if we could.

Which situation is the hardest on you as a couple? ~ That's tough. We are still newlyweds and are making these huge decisions that will effect everything. And we sometime struggle with making sure that we're open and honest with each other with both our hopes and our fears. Though we've been together for five years, and have always known we would end up together, and what our life goals would be, we now are realizing that we will have to make sacrifices for each other in order for us both to reach our dreams. Right now it's just facing the unknown and working together.

Did you go to the same school? ~ Yes, K-State. We're two of the biggest K-State fans ever. Our children have no hope.

Are you from the same home town? ~ Nope

Who is smarter? ~ Hmm, well... I'm book smart, he's more hands on intelligent.

Who is the most sensitive? ~ Hey, what's that supposed to mean!?

Where do you eat out most as a couple? ~ Every Friday I'm lucky enough to get a lunch date with my honey and we typically split our time between the local Mexican restaurant and the local Chinese place. We're pretty easy to please. Of course, it may be a little while til we get to go to the Chinese restaurant, as a little old man ran his car straight into the door yesterday! Best part was, everybody in town knew about it within the hour, and most people had already stood outside to gawk. Gotta love small towns.

Where is the furthest you two have traveled together as a couple? ~ We just returned from Lousiville. 10 hours one way, in a truck together. And we're happy to report: We made it home alive! It was nice, we are both pretty laid back and only had minor arguments about the direction of the road we were taking or the speed of travel.

Who has the craziest exes? ~ I think that would be me. No elaboration is really needed is it?

Who has the worst temper?~ That would also be me, but Mark holds everything in. I just let it ALL out, then I'm pretty much done with it.

Who does the cooking? ~ Me again, as is evidenced by this blog.

Who is the neat-freak? ~ We both like everything clean, but we both are kinda lazy and hate to clean.

Who is more stubborn? ~ He's pure German farmer and I'm just stubborn with no genetic heritage to blame. He's more patient, but I'm less stubborn.

Who hogs the bed? ~ Mark says that's me, I say I'm just cuddling.

Who wakes up earlier? ~ Me, for the most part. Don't let him fool you.

Where was your first date? ~ First date? Are you kidding me? Dorm life didn't allow for dating, especially not a guy that had been your best friend for the whole semester.

Who is more jealous? ~ Ha, this thing is starting to remind of our premarital counseling. This one's pretty easy, it's definitely me. But, I have become a lot more secure in myself and in our relationship in the last couple of years.

How long did it take to get serious? ~ Well, Mark told me we would get married before we were even dating. So, it didn't take long. In fact, I remember telling him that I wasn't really sure if I wanted to start dating our freshman year of college, because I knew that once we started dating we would be together forever. But we did, and that was it.

Who eats more? ~ I put up a good fight, but he does outeat me.

Who does the laundry? ~ I do for the most part, but Mark will help me out and do some loads when I'm feeling really lazy. Or when he want clean underwear.

Who drives when you are together? ~ He does, he thinks he's a better driver, I think I'm a better multi-tasker.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


#16 - My husband and I just bought 160 acres of land. We have yet to close but that will be sometime next month. It together is the single most exhilarating and frightening thing I have ever done. Mark and I feel like we're actually starting our life, like we're starting something serious.

I'm mainly excited because not only does the original owner of the land have the same last name as my maiden name, Erickson, but I got to name the land. You know, you have to have different names for all the different sections you farm-that way you know which land you're talking about. So, we decided that we would call it Swede's after Swede Erickson. What a good guy he was.

And so now, I have land to be a farmer's wife of. I'm the Lady of the farm-Lady of Swede's Land!

We call him Houdini

While we were gone, we were lucky enough to have our wonderful cousins babysit our little brat, Cody. It was great-he had a kennel to stay in during the day, lots of room to run around in the evening, and a new best friend,Bo, to play with. It was the greatest thing for him, yet I was still worried. Mainly worried that he would run away or run down to the road or something else horrible. But, everything was great and nothing bad happened. We were so happy to have such a great place to put him for the week.

Well then, last night, we had him in the backyard, and I went to let him in the house for a little while. I called and I called and I started getting a little worried. I walked into his kennel and around the side of the house. No Cody. But, both gates are still closed and latched, and not enough room for him to shimmy out. I yelled at Mark to bring a flashlight, as if maybe he was hiding and we'll be able to spot him. Still no Cody. So Mark jumped in the truck and I started circling our block. Mark only had to travel one block away, and Cody loaded back into the truck pretty easily. So, all turned out fine-with only minor anxiety on my part.

But doesn't that just figure. I worry and stress about leaving my dog and him running off and instead when we all are at home again, that's when he tries his escape routine. Danged dog, good thing he's still cute.

Monday, February 16, 2009


#17 - When I was in college, I had both a major and a minor. With both degrees, there are certain required classes as well as things called "restricted electives" where you must take 2 or 3 classes out of the 7 or 8 listed. Well, I was trying to find classes that would count as a restricted elective for both my major and my minor. One such class, I walked into, thinking it was an Ethics class. No, actually it was an Ethnics class. Yes, read those two sentences again. As scary as it sounds, it turned out to be one of my favorite classes. Easy, yes, but actually truly interesting. And it didn't require a group project or a SWOT analysis like every Marketing class. What we talked about was learning more about our own personal genealogy and how it related in context to the world events. And ever since that class, I have had a greater appreciation for my family history and how it relates to the world and to me. I hope to overtime make a better recorded history of my family tree and share it with my children. And plus I want to figure out how famous my family is and how I'm related to Leif Ericson, the real discoverer of North America.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Discounts! Heck Ya Discounts!

Mark and I are getting ready to head out to Louisville, KY. We are driving, it's about 12 hours. We're headed to the National Farm Machinery Show. This will be our first trip as man and wife other than our honeymoon and one weekend trip to Vegas with his parents, grandparents, and sister. So, it's completely us, trying to survive our drive together, deciding what exactly we are going to do, and paying for the whole thing! We're just hoping to come back still wanting to be married.

While we're gone, I'm running a special on a few HOT items for Mary Kay! Just email me, leave a comment, or even better-go to my marykay website and place an order there. (You don't have to pay over the Internet-it just emails me with all the details and I contact you.)


Buy One-Get One Half Off!

~ Facial Cleanser
~ Lip Gloss
~ Any Hydration Product (Moisturizer, Hydrating Gel, Extra Emollient Night Cream, etc.)

Plus, I'm working towards a goal for my unit- I need 19 more new faces and 9 lovely ladies willing to give me their opinion on the Mary Kay opportunity. So, if you help me reach my goal, you'll receive a $10 credit towards any Mary Kay products.

Hope everyone has a great week-I'll be thinking of you while I lay out on the beach, enjoy my MaiTai, and rela ..... oh wait a minute, I meant to say while I wander around a 1 million square feet arena looking at air drills and combines and Lord know what else-which doesn't really matter because I doubt I'll truly understand what all I'm looking at.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


So Mark and I have been looking at houses for a long time and I have found that I really love looking at houses. I like thinking about comparison houses and the number of bathrooms and the resale value. I like watching HGTV and all of the "how to sell your house" shows. I really really want to be in a house, but I think I will always be interested in real estate and how things are priced and whatnot. Maybe someday I'll dabble in realty-I think I'd like that. It'd be a fun part time job.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I love me some Thin Mints

It's probably a really bad sign for my diet when Mark and I have completely finished off all of our boxes of Girl Scout Cookies before the check has even cleared our account.

Monday, February 2, 2009

How to Amuse Me

Run knees first, crotch first really, into the camera during the SuperBowl halftime show. I will now forever be a fan of the Boss!