Monday, January 31, 2011

You probably don’t want to come over if I’m cleaning

I've decided that I want to be more intentional in life. I want to be intentional about how I spend my money, how I spend my time, what I eat, etc. So, one night last week Mark and I sat down to work on our budget and talk about a "daily to do list" to help keep our house a little cleaner (a la

As I worked on inputting stuff onto our budget (you should definitely check out mint-easy to use, and it's important to know where you plan to spend your money and where already have spent your money) I handed Mark my chore list that I had use previously and told him to add anything or change anything that he thought needed to be done, and to add some stuff that he normally does.

I love me a list…at work I will often put something that I have already done or am in the process of doing-just so I can cross it off. Every day I check my email, and yet I still put it on my to do list, so that I just have that feeling of accomplishing something. And so I try to do a little of the same with my clean the house chore list.

But anyways, back to the list that Mark was working on. He had been trying to humor me with my sudden need for order and action, but I think he had had enough. He handed me back the list I had used before, with his few changes. On Monday nights, apparently I'm now supposed to vacuum the upstairs naked. Tuesdays call for dusting naked. And how exciting for Wednesday, can't wait until I can cross off grocery shopping naked.

So ya, I got what I was probably asking for. But I guess I've figured Mark doesn't really care if I leave clothes on the floor….just so long as mine are there as well.

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Anonymous said...

I am the same way with crossing things off my list and often put things that i have done already just to get the satisfaction. When my husband sees my TO DO
LIST, he'll write...

1. Fred (husband's name has been changed) hee hee!!

Men...they always have the same thing on their minds.