Monday, July 4, 2011

Welcome to Wheat Harvest 2011

We have finished cutting wheat for 2011. If you're from a farming background, you know how big this is. You've put a lot of hours in, and it's your end game. It's a lot of things all at once. Exciting, nerve wrecking, there's lots of pressure. You're dealing with the whole family, and doing things that you only do once a year. There's just a little bit going on. And this was Mark's first year as a Full-time Farmer (Heck ya!) I'm so proud of him. He's living his dream and he's so happy about it. He was jumping out of bed in the morning to go spray, and start double planting beans, then cutting wheat as long as the wheat would let him. I'm not going to lie and say it was easy, for him or for me. I feel kinda like a baby, complaining about not seeing him, but it was hard for me. My birthday always falls right in the middle of harvest, and so it sucks. But like I said it's all done, the wheat was better than expected (still worse than average) and the beans are almost all in. So, I'm happy to get my husband back, but I'm sad that I'll have to say goodbye to this….

That's right, he went all out for his first harvest……..and I liked it!

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