Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Tweet Tweet

So are you a Twitter addict like I am? If you're not on Twitter, you have a hard time understanding what is so interesting for us Twitter fiends - right? Twitter is like a really big Chat Room. But someone said it best when they said Twitter is for all of the people you wish you could have a drink with (and Facebook is for all of the people you'd like to throw a drink at!) I love watching live sporting events and following along with all of the beat writers and sports analysts. And I love the rumors. Ah yes, Twitter rumors....and Twitter jokes - love it!!
And I spend every moment on Twitter because Twitter is sarcastic. and Twitter is informative, and Twitter is funny, and mainly - Twitter is just a good time.
So follow me on Twitter, it's all of my snarky thoughts that don't belong on Facebook!

1 comment:

Holly said...

I'm a twitter addict too!

I'm following you on twitter now!