Friday, July 3, 2009

I will be taking bribes

Tonight I have to judge babies, you know..... for a baby contest. When I was in school, I participated in 4-H. I took my steer and my horse. I also took a lamb one year and even participated in the Round Robin, where you show pigs and dairy cattle and all the other large animals. These animals are judged, not only by how well you show them, but also by how muscular they look, how lean and well they fit into the desired look of the animal and the judges poke them in the sides or the backend or wherever they need to, all to decide which animal is the best. There's careful considerations and reasons, things that sound like, "I placed 1 over 2 because of the uniformity across the top of the loin, something something blah blah." I don't know, I started spacing out because I was always in the bottom pair and basically they would just tell me that I had a crappy animal that wasn't even fit to eat.

But, my question is, how do I judge babies? Do I get to squeeze their cute little fat rolls before making any decisions?


Anonymous said...

actually this contest is like buying a car. u get to pick one out to test drive and take home for the night! thats why i thought u would be a perfect judge. that way u and mark can decide whether to skip the whole baby thing and just get another dog! remember is legal to put a dog to sleep when it pees on your floor or doesnt listen. u will get lethal injection if u try to do that with your offspring. i am always thinking of u!beav

Anonymous said...

how did you get roped into doing such a horribel thing? All babies are cute! I would look at the parents and pick the kid that's mom looks the meanest - she might get you if you don't pick her kid!! Good Luck - call me if you need backup! Love - Mom