Tuesday, July 7, 2009

We already have a Retirement Fund started!

Ever so slowly, our new house is becoming a home. I know it's such a cliche, but hey-that's how I operate. I'm just full of cliches and re-used jokes.

But anyhow, we have torn out the wallpaper and repainted the master bedroom, primed the black room and the bright green room, and succesfully repainted the green room in a lovely shade of nothing color. It's your basic tan color, that cost me $5 for the gallon I picked out of the plethora* of mis-tints from the local paint store. I have also selected the pink paint that I am going to use in my Mary Kay office/store! And as we get the bigger pieces of furniture where they need to go, we are slowly unpacking and putting away (or hiding-however you look at it) all of the junk that we have accumulated in less than two years of marriage. Lord knows what I'll do when we decide to move again in five years. And twenty years after that!

As we have moved along, unpacking, and arranging, and cleaning, and repainting-nothing has made me feel more like a new home owner than the recent purchases that we have made. I made a trip to Bed, Bath, and Beyond with my Mother-in-law to buy curtains for the living room, and just last weekend my husband and I went to that mega Furniture store, where you could be lost for days, and bought him a new recliner and my Mary Kay office furniture. We also picked out our favorite entertainment center and the living room extras (coffee table, end table, and sofa table) all to be purchased at a later date, when we have the room de-papered and de-paneled (not to be confused with de-flowered.) They should advertise for that mega Furniture store with that jingle that goes, "I'm a big kid now!" and you could show me pulling up my jeans as I prepared to sit down on the new living room set. I'm all about house decorating and weed pulling and cross stitching and everything-now that I'm a big girl.

*Plethora-word of the day

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Anonymous said...

the furniture you picked looks great - I will bring you a few more pieces to go with it - love mom!