Sunday, June 6, 2010

Thrift Store Finds

This weekend I spent some quality time at an auction and a thrift store. And I came home with some great stuff. At first I stopped at an auction, picked up my number, and paid a whole quarter for this thing...

Well, I did have to include tax, so it actually cost me $0.27. I know, it's ugly right? No one wanted it, no one was going to give it a home, so they threw in one more thing with this...well, we'll call it a treasure (please someone tell me that I got a steal and this thing has some sort of following-please!)

And this is what they threw in for free. I got it for free! There's some grapes and leaves and such on the side. But I've wanted to get into the white glass and why not start with a free one!? I love the shape of it, and I think I will get some great use out of it.

Next, my friend Alicia and I headed to a "junk" store in Morganville and I'm so glad we did. You had better believe I will be heading back there soon. This next picture is a shelf, and yes I realize it's upside down. But I think I like it this way, over the window in my Mary Kay room, maybe with some sheer curtains hanging down from it.

Here it is as a shelf, as it was intended.

And finally, my true happiness and joy, my love, my treasure, my exciting find. This is for my dining room, and so no dear family, I no longer need the one I showed previously. For this gorgeous thing has already made it's way to me, and I have it outside-preparing for what will hopefully be it's last coat of paint.

I can't even tell you how in love with this thing I am!

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alicia said...

Wicked Awesome thrift store finds Miranda! Cant wait see it all hung up!