Saturday, June 5, 2010

Thrifting, Baseball, and a Vaca-what else do you need on a Saturday?

How is it that I have reached June and this will be my 26th post for the year? I swear I have more to say than that, as can be attested by those that know me well. But my crazy thoughts jump so quickly from one place to another, that I barely have time to catch up with myself. So for today I shall make a list. Because really, who has time for transitions.

1. I had a pretty successful Saturday, with some great thrift store finds and auction steals. I promise that I will post pictures soon.

2. My brother played ball last night, the first time that I've got to watch him this year. He's 10, so the boys are pitching themselves, but with help from the coach after 4 balls. It was so much fun and so sweet and so boy-like too. I kept wanting to cheer for all those tiny little guys whenever they stepped up to the plate or threw a wild pitch or missed a pop fly, but I also saw the obnoxious habits of boys forming in them too. The cocky kid that crossed home plate holding up his finger in the air, showing that he was number one. Puh-lease. The constant checking of that new "cup" in their baseball pants. The nose picking, and I even think I saw some air humping. I mean really, they're 10, why are they already like that?!

3. Speaking of baseball, my newfound love for the game is growing (hey-wait a minute, that could have been a transition, from one thought to the next, that even makes sense! how bout that.) My season tickets for K-State were fun, and I know we'll do it again next year, and hopefully make it to more games with friends and family. And next week, I'm going to a Junction City Generals game with some former co-workers. I even think the farmer husband will be in between planting and harvest, so he might go with. Plus, we're trying to schedule a Royals game for July, after harvest is done. It'll be nice to get away for a weekend, and I think my husband wants to make up for what will surely be a non-noticed birthday and he's still gotta make up for breaking my new bookshelf for my Mary Kay room. But don't say anything about that, he's kind of touchy about it.

4. Why do I have a newfound love for baseball? Well that I believe would be a great story for another day. Man if I follow through with a post about baseball AND a post with pictures from my Junk Excursion, I just won't know what to do with myself. That'd make it 28 posts for the year. Heck ya!

5. We've been discussing going on a vacation with our good friend Brandon and his wife. He was the best man in our wedding, and he just recently got married as well (I was a cake cutter, the
most stressful job in a wedding.) We at first talked about going on a cruise and I wasn't too sure about it. But I started doing some research and asking others, and I got really excited about it. But then our good friend Brandon says maybe we should just go to Mexico and sit on the beach instead of riding a boat to that beach. Which is ok too, but I was all excited about the cruise! But I think our deal breaker is that we can't get an all-inclusive cruise, that includes the alcohol. I mean, $6 beers add up pretty quickly, and isn't that a sad sign when our main concern is how much our drinks are going to cost! But a lady was telling me last night (she ran the scoreboard at the boy's baseball game, so she's surely a trusted source) that you can sneak on some stuff or you can even buy alcohol from the duty free stores on the boat for decently cheap. So I don't know, we're looking for some more insight, so if you're still reading this far down-let me know what you think!

Surely 5 really boring, wordy, pointless points is enough for my list today. I'm gonna go sack out on the couch and think about putting away my laundry and getting started on my thrifting treasures!

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Kimie said...

My hubby and I went on a cruise last year to Progresso and Cozumel, and we had a lot of fun. I will say that the drinks do add up quickly--and we didn't drink that much. We brought a bottle of wine with us, but we forgot a wine opener... and then even when we bought one at one of the ports, our options were to drink the wine in our room (which is sort of boring and makes you feel like an alcoholic) or go be with people and buy a glass of wine. So even if you brought beer with you... I'm not sure you'd have much fun drinking it in your cabin. But I'd still highly recommend the cruise. We went with Carnival on the Ecstasy b/c we lived in Galveston at the time. We are thinking of taking a Royal Caribbean cruise this year but haven't yet decided when/where. Good luck on your decision-making!