Thursday, July 1, 2010

Harvest 2010 and my modeling debut

I'm a lucky gal, my best friend happens to be a photographer. And with that, comes lots of opportunity to get some great memories in print. Now if only I was an actual model, the world would be perfect.

But anywho-the other evening we went up to the farm to take some pictures of the wheat harvest. And below is exactly why I love living in Kansas.

I can't decide if I like it better in color or the sepia tones.

Love LOVE love this one.


beav said...

I am pretty sure I am the lucky one, not you! Thanks for humoring my seemingly crazy ideas. It was a good time.

Roller shoes said...

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Joni said...

These are awesome! Think I could get her to take photos of our puppies sometime... :)

becca said...

those are awesome! i love the sepia, love the boots/dress contrast, LOVE the tractor. so fun!