Thursday, August 26, 2010

As long as you don't say Justin Bieber

Important things are coming.

Game Day is in 8 days. Game day, baby! I'm getting so excited. I'm planning out recipes and meals in my head, trying to decide what needs to be packed and most importantly, I need to decide on some game day music.

As a K-Stater, I have the obvious choices. The fight song, Wabash, Stand up for the Champions. But I need some more good stuff. I need some just fun tailgating music, some pump me up stuff, and mainly just some good music to take my mind off the fact that no matter what, every year, almost every game, we're 1 1/2 hrs later getting to the stadium, I forgot the tickets again, and there's some random kids eating all my hot dogs.

But anywho, what are the songs you love? The songs you put on your iPod for your morning run to get you going, the song you hear on a commercial at the beginning of football season that just gets your juices running? Let me know.


Beav said...

Do u really want me to answer this? thats what I thought! But I am going to anyway.

Queen...We are the Champions.

Drowning Pool...Let the bodies Hit the floor(that sounds like football, right?)

AC/DC...For those about to Rock

Nickelback...Burn it to the Ground


Metallica...Enter Sandman

Nazarath....Hair of the Dog

Ozzy...Crazy Train

Rev Theory.....Hell Yeah

Three Days Grace...Riot

My final advice NO F-ING Blackeyed Peas song about tonights gonna be good or some freakin stupid crap like that! Seriously that song should be banned from playing in the state of kansas. GRRR...DUMB! Tonights the night....really I thought last night was! Suck IT!!

Miranda's Minutes said...

I seriously thought about putting a disclaimer at the bottom of this post that my request didn't apply to you. But actually I like your suggestions, of course Ozzy-that IS K-State football to me! And surprisingly, I kinda like what you have to say on this.

alicia said...

Yeah, I try!