Wednesday, September 15, 2010

It's an Unknown thing

Growing up, I had it pretty easy in school, tests were no big thing, and I typically did well at whatever I wanted. Ok, well maybe besides basketball. But the ACTs, the homework, the pre-calc, it was all easily doable. And the things that I didn't do well at.....well, I just didn't do them. Believe me, just ask Mark about our experiences as I tried to learn to drive stick shift. So I just do what I know I can do, and those things that are more questionable-well it's hard for me to step out of my comfort zone. I'm scared of that unknown.

But I am slowly taking some steps that take me out of that comfortable place. Recently I have been feeling frustrated with work. I work as a teller at a bank. And honestly, if I saw someone from my high school or where ever, and they would ask me what I was doing....I was embarrassed to tell them. I began to feel like I wasn't going anywhere, I wasn't using the brains and the talents that I was blessed with, and that I was going to end up very unhappy if I didn't do anything about it.

And so I did.

And I am happy to say that I will be starting a new job this coming Monday. It's going to be challenging, difficult, rewarding, and so scary. But I'm ready for it. I'm ready for this test, but I am NOT ready to talk about it! I'll tell you more about what I'm thinking after I'm there for a couple weeks or so. You can tell how nervous I am by the fact that I can't talk about it. Mark even knows to not really bring it up with me yet. He asked me tonight if I had an idea as to when I'd be able to talk about the new job......all I could say was, "Later."

So this unknown is close. And I'm only slightly freaking. But hopefully once I jump in, it will again be a natural thing for me.

And I'll be able to talk about it eventually.


Diane said...

Change is hard!! Take a step out in faith! It'll be great, girl. And, the beauty of it is that even if it's a raging sucess or a major flop, those who love you and know you best will be right there beside you!!

Danelle said...

Congrats Miranda!!! They are so lucky to have you!

beav said...

Not good with sappy but here it goes. I dont want you to leave but I want you to leave. I want you to stay but I dont want you to stay. This job was meant for you and you for it. I am so proud that you have found something to challenge you and make you able to express yourself. I cant even remember how life was without you as a friend. Thank you for being you and allowing me to be me! I wish you luck and happiness. Its not goodbye, its see you later!