Friday, September 17, 2010

Highway 36 Treasure Hunt

It's that time of year again! This weekend is the Highway 36 Treasure Hunt. My good friend Dana and I will be headed down the road in search of some needed "junk." Last year we did pretty well. And I'm excited, we're making a girl's weekend out of it. I've got my Ipod ready for the road trip, we're staying a quality place called Starlight, and.......we're sharing a bed!

And no, I haven't told her yet. It'll be a nice surprise.

So if you're not doing anything this weekend, head to Northern Kansas, this Treasure Hunt stretches from Colorado to Missouri, all along scenic Highway 36. It's filled with great vendors, yummy food, and a couple of giggling girls probably seen wandering around debating if we really need another glass bottle.

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Beautifully Inspired said...

Hope you had a good time.