Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Devil won.

This morning, as Mark and I were getting ready for church, he was shaving and I ran downstairs to iron his pants. While downstairs, I noticed a big ol' leak coming from the ceiling, where Mark was shaving right above me. So, we went into panic mode (and by we I mean I) called our landlord, pulled apart the pipe right under the sink, and ended up heading to the local store to buy some Drano. We wanted to give that a try before deciding what needed to be done next. So, an eventful morning no less.

We were really excited to go to church. We're trying to both be more involved, especially with church. I guess it just didn't happen today.

I'll update on the plumping situation later. Man, I do have to say though, there's nothing scarier than having a "plumbing situation."

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