Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Happy Day after Election

I do not feel that it is necessary to shove my political views down the throat of others. I do not feel that I should look down upon those who believe differently than I. But I do completely believe that every person should take a look at our amazing country. I am so in love with my country, with the people that make it up, and what our future is right now. I am very worried about our economy, about what will happen to rural America, small businesses, socialist tendencies, and what will happen with my husband's family farm.

Yet, at the same time, how can we not be inspired by the "change" we see in people. To know that the majority of America will vote for a black man for the Presidency is awesome to me. I can remember being in school and writing essays about influential women during the Revolutionary war, and being inspired by what the "weaker sex" was capable of during a time when they did not even wear pants! Now I hope that my children will someday be inspired by a Presidency race involving the first woman and the first black man and will be able to truly believe that they can do anything. I hope that people who have never voted, never cared before, will take a more active role in our world. And I pray that people smarter than me will work together in whatever partisan/bi-partisan way to help lead our country in the right direction, and to put our Country First. It's time we show the world who we are. Yes we can.

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