Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm Baaack!

I'm back, at least for awhile. I have no wireless router, but the Internet is plugged straight into my computer. Let's hope, for your sake as well as mine, that it keeps working. I know that you have just been lost and sad without me for this past week. I've just been so busy-so much to do!

Yesterday I went to give blood at the local drive. I have O Negative blood, so anyone in the world can be helped by my donation-which if you think about it, is pretty awesome. But when I got there, the computers went down, and so they couldn't do anything. They couldn't do the preparation and tests before you gave blood and they couldn't track or record the donations. So, it kinda stopped things. I ended up being there for an hour and a half. I only have an hour for lunch. 30 minutes past the time I was to be back at work, the girls at work were kind of getting worried. Did she pass out? Is she ok? Did she quit? So, they called my husband. "Mark, we're worried about Miranda. She hasn't got back yet from giving blood. Do you think something happened? Is she ok giving blood? Did she pass out?" My husband's response, "Eh, she's fine. I'm not worried." "Are you sure? She really should be back by now." "She's fine. I saw her before she went, she's fine." That's it honey? You didn't even give it a thought! My co-workers cared, where were you at on this whole deal. You saw me before I went? What does that mean? That since I was fine before I donated blood, that I'd be fine after? Man, I have to be the luckiest gal around.

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