Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Velveeta and Bacon-yummy!

Holy Cow-it's been a month! "Holy cow" what does that mean anyways? Is it a phrase we somehow adopted from the Hindu religion? If so, what does that mean about "holy guacamole"? Though, if you ask me, there could definitely be something holy about Mexican food. I mean it must be something ordained from God to have free chips and salsa at every meal.

Anyhow, it has been a long time since I last was able to sit down and share with all of you my thoughts and ideas and moments in life, my humor, my annoyances, my food, my dog, and the general craziness that is myself! Wow, that's a lot of me's-oh how do you put up with it? (I did find out through the absence of my blogging that I do have a couple or three people that do check this thing out on a regular basis and were excited for me to again begin regular posts-perhaps as only a diversion from Facebook-but flattering enough to me.) I have lots of things to share, ideas to broach, and meals to make. Get excited!

I have been having some problems with my computer. I believe it has come down to the fact that I need a new battery for my laptop. And those things cost like $150! It might have to wait until a little more after Christmas before I make that purchase. But if I set my laptop on a sturdy surface, hold the charger thingy on the right side just so, and pray-I am able to stay on. But if for any reason I may move the computer, or exhale loudly, off it goes! It's simply reminding of the importance of saving! And helping to break me of the dependence of the Internet to make it through a boring evening. We'll see how long it takes til I break and just make the big purchase.

For now, I'll give a quick preview of some topics and fun! Cody is still the cutest dog ever, though his tail may be the death of me (and my computer!) I'm cleaning out my cupboards, so there's some interesting/creative recipes (Velveeta is the Great Equalizer-processed cheese makes everything a little better.) And this......

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