Thursday, January 1, 2009

I'm a Toys 'R Us kid

Mark and I have been living in this tiny house since April of 08 (that's last year now!) We both hate paying rent and are so ready to be in a house that is our own. We know want to be in a house, and for it to be soon. But that's about all that we have decided right now. We had previously made an offer on a house with 80 acres that was close to Mark's family's farm, but we were outbid. At that point, Mark was really disappointed and when we then started looking in town, nothing could quite compare to what we both wanted for our future-a home with land, out in the country, where we could raise our children close to friends and family.

Today, our dilemna is figuring out our next step. We have two ways we can go. One: Buy a home, here in town, something that will be more easily affordable, something that we could sell in a few years, but that we could stand and maybe even do small projects and work on, so that we could make a good profit. We also may be able to start buying some land if we have a smaller mortgage payment. OR Two: Build the house we want on the land we want, and do it now. Interest rates are not going to get much cheaper, if at all, and we would be where we want to be. We're young and will not be in a position where we're 80 and just paying off our house.

So what to do, what to do. I think the major problem is that Mark wants to be near the farm and that trumps all. I am unbelievably scared of making such a huge investment all at once. I'd rather buy something a little smaller now, work on our equity, and then make the move later. But later is always scary too. Who knows what will happen-maybe we wouldn't be able to sell a house, maybe we'd get so caught up in life at that time, we wouldn't follow through with our dreams, maybe interest rates will have skyrocketed, maybe maybe maybe....

Sometimes, it just sucks being a big kid now, and having to actually step up and follow through with all those lofty goals and plans you made while going to school, getting engaged, and dreaming. All of this "exciting, fun, new stuff" is totally overrated. I have a hard enough time deciding what's for supper, how am I supposed to do more than that!?

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