Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Well, if the last few posts haven't made it clear-I'm going to be moving soon, which requires me to pack up all of my belongings. And I don't really like to do that. And I'm really not looking forward to packing all of my Mary Kay into boxes, then have a chance to misplace a box, it'll take me forever to unpack, just all sorts of stuff. SO! I'm having a Huge, Huge, Moving Sale!

Mary Kay!

$3 off all eyeshadows
$5 off everything else in stock

(Yes that means $5 off every individual product.)

So, if you're in the Clay Center area and would like to stop by-everything is set out and on sale at my house this whole week. Wed night (5-8pm) Thurs (6-8pm) and Fri (5-8pm)

If you're not in Clay Center, just email me, message me, text me, or leave a comment here and I'll let you know if I have what you need in stock.

So, call me soon, because once a product is gone off my shelf-no more sale price!


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