Thursday, May 14, 2009

Just a Few Updates

1. My dog is still a brat-but he hasn't been coming inside lately. I feel like such a bad mommy. But I've got my reasons, you see, I've got lots of boxes and things sitting on the floor that he would like to play with too much. So no Cody inside.

2. Boxes? you ask. Why boxes? Well-we're officially under contract on a house. (Yes that sound is me screaming for joy, and jumping up and down, and crying, and exhaling huge sighs of relief.)
It was crazy, and exhausting, and just so mind numbing that I don't even feel like trying to put it all down in writing yet. I don't get stressed out much. School and work and group projects never really did it, but if i do get stressed and tired-it just completely drains me.

3. I made some yummy mashed potatoes last night! That were healthy! With no butter or sour cream or cheese! Sounds crazy doesn't it. I boiled potatoes and threw some cauliflower (oh yummy-I love me some cauliflower) into a strainer over the boiling potatoes and steamed/boiled them. Then I mixed it all up in my handy dandy KitchenAid mixer with lots of chives and parsley and some thyme and paprika (oh how I love me some paprika) and it was fluffy and tasty and healthy! Who'da thunk it?

So all in all, a pretty exciting week. I'd call it a success, or an S for Satisfactory, if pressed for a grade on it.

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