Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I only sing along in the car or the shower!

Today I updated my playlist that I have here at the bottom of my blog. I did this for two reasons. (1) to please my sister and (2) to kill time at work. I love music, and as evidenced by the list, I mainly listen to Country, specifically the Red Dirt country, or Texas country, or alternative country or whatever you may call it. But it depends completely on my mood as to what I listen to. Sometimes all I want is to dance along to the hip hop stuff-I look completely white girl-but it's what I do. (Especially while I'm cleaning. In fact, it's the only way I clean.) I grew up on classic rock with my dad. AC/DC, Meatloaf, Def Leppard. But I like other stuff too- I just don't have enough time. I don't spend enough time on the Internet, searching around for new music. I try to catch the Red Dirt Show Sunday nights on the local radio station. I'd love to be introduced to something new. Whether it be a new artist, or even a really different genre of music. So, if you're here-leave a comment (you can even remain anonymous) and let me know what your favorite song is currently-or if you have a random artist that I should know more about. I'd love your input.

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~morgan said...

Oh how I love you! Okay so let's start out with the "the" bands as I call them....
The Police (Roxanne, Message in a Bottle),
The Clash (London Calling),
The Who (Behind Blue Eyes),
The Kinks (All the Day and All the Night, You Really Got Me),
The Monkees (Daydream Believer), The Doors (LA Woman, Riders of the Storm)

The Monkees were originally formed for TV and them and The Doors are the only Americans I listed, but you get my point...I love them all! None of them fit together really, but thats ok i guess, right?! I really just like random music!