Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Ornament Exchange!

I have no idea what I am doing with this whole blog thing. But I do know it's fun, and I like snooping into other's lives-I mean reading about others!- and learning and being entertained and encouraged and challenged by what others have to say. One blog that I have recently started reading and enjoying is and she recently had a post introducing her 2009 Bloggers Ornament Exchange.

Now I love Christmas and I love ornaments. Every year starting when I was little, my Grandma Alice (my mom's mom) would get me and my sister an ornament, typically with our name and year on it. And after she passed away, my mother continued on with the tradition. So, two years ago, for Mark's and my first Christmas as a married couple- I wanted to continue on with our own tree. So, I drug him along and he actually picked out a fun ornament with a little bride and groom. Last year, as we lived in the world's smallest house, I bought a little house ornament and told Mark that we would always remember that year when our house was the same size as the ornament. Now this year has been the year of the loan-as we have purchased a farm, a house, and a tractor. Maybe we'll buy a paintbrush ornament, or a little red tractor, or an empty wallet ornament.

But anyways, I jumped on this opportunity to share my love of ornaments with others, and meet another blogger from near or far, and again be inspired and challenged and entertained. If you would like to join in the fun, check out Beki's blog (and her adorable shop-lots of cute necklaces and such that would make a perfect Christmas present for a neice or a friend or whomever!)
Check it out!

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