Thursday, November 19, 2009

Troubled Annie

So it's not Tuesday, and I've been gone for a little over a week, but I have to tell you something-something great! A few weeks back I was commiserating over the fact that none of my faves from Nashville Star have really made it big on the national scene with their music. Now I do not have to hear an artist on the radio for me to listen to them, in fact-it's typically the opposite. But, because they aren't big or well-known, I had lost track of them, and it's highly doubtful that anyone would ever come to Kansas to play, so there wasn't much of a chance of me catching up with anybody later.......till I became obsessed with blogs and blogging and I stumbled across this blog

You see, the cutie from is friends with Meg Allison, and just the other day talked about Meg and if I'm understanding this right, a dude from the same season of Nashville Star-Joshua Stevens (who by the way looks approximately 1100 times better now), making a duo called Troubled Annie. Awesome awesome stuff! I'm excited for them to come out with some great stuff and I've just had their myspace page playing in the background and I love their voices together.

So now my family has some more ideas for my Christmas stockings! (That's right, I get more than one stocking-in fact Mark and I travel to about 73 different holiday celebrations-ok more like 7 or so -but that's just the immediate family, grandparents and parents, and it feels like 73.) Yes dear family I will take a CD from about any or all artists I have listed in my little music section.

And you have some more exposure to the real country music, the good country music that I love and that you should too.

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