Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lazy Days

I love having lazy Sundays. I have a few things that I am slowly getting done today, laundry, eating out at the Mexican restaurant, a little more laundry, and napping. Yesterday Mark and I were both in the same cleaning up mood so we got a lot of things done-which could be explained by the weird behavior associated with Halloween. But anyways, we went with it and got lots of little things and big things (like mowing our lawn for the first time in about two months-yes we're that kind of neighbor) done.

About a month ago I stopped at our farm and pulled 3 old doors and a screen out of the grainery. Yesterday I finally got around to washing them off and placing them in the house. Now they still need some love and decorations, but they're really cute and I love them so much. And they even passed the husband test, which was important. (not really)

So I placed the first one with the window in the dining room. Love it! And you can't see it in this picture-too dark, but that's my purple dining set on the table. Love it even more!

That's my "Congrats on the new house" plant from my mom. I really only have it sitting there because I thought it needed some more sunlight-since I had kind of forgotten about it in my Mary Kay room.

Here, on the right side of the picture you can see the screen that I put up plus the gold clock that I spent a fortune on out at the Pamida-but hey I like it! The screen came with the old blue paint which happens to look beautiful next to my blue wall. I think it was meant to be.

I needed a headboard for the spare bed and I think it works ok. It needs some more stuff on the wall and maybe even on the door. My friend/interior decorating advisor Alicia suggested maybe some of those wooden twig balls with lights in them.
Also-let it be known that I do not love this comforter-I like the colors, but I guess it just seems a little too dorm room to me now. But I did pick it out and someone was nice enough to buy it for us for our wedding-so if it was you I'm sorry! It's not your fault-it's all my fault that I changed my mind.

And finally the front porch and the last door. The steel pail and plants came from a wonderful co-worker, cause Lord knows I could never grow anything-she had to get me the simplest, easiest, can't kill kind of plants (like with the plant from my mom that I forgot about and left on the floor of my MK room for about 3 weeks-whoops.) This door needs a wreath but I love the old barn door look.

What do you think? Kinda fun, free decorating. The best kind in my book!

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Anonymous said...

Maybe you can get some old barbwire from the farm and make a wreath out of it for your door. I really like the rest of the stuff - good job!! Love ya Mom