Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christmas Letter

I want you all to know that though I may not send you a Christmas card this time of year- I am thinking about you, my dear friends. And so, I thought I would include on here what I am sending out in my Christmas cards. (And by that I mean handing to you at one of our Christmases, if I see you, or may possibly get in the mail by New Years if I don't.)

So Merry Christmas from our family to yours:

It’s been over 2 years
Since Mark and Miranda said “I Do”
They’ve never sent a Christmas Card
So it’s time to catch up on what is new

After the wedding was done
To Enid, Ok they went
Got red dirt on the truck
But learned Kansans they were meant

Clay Center, the call said
A job opening for Mark
Run the local elevator
And an idea was sparked

We’ll be closer to home
Miranda’s family and K-State
And to Mark’s family farm
It all sounded so great

So calls were made
2 week notices put in
A rental house was found
A smaller place there’s never been

Miranda got a good job
A bank teller she is
She made lots of new friends
And is a money counting whiz

And Mark bought a quarter section
Now has land of his own
Planted soybeans and wheat
You should see how its grown

Next came a house
Miranda got her home in town
Get past the wallpaper
And the potential was found

Lots of hard work to be done
On both the house and the land
But they have the company of each other
And man’s best friend

That’s right, a yellow lab
Best Birthday present ever
Cody, an 80 pound “lap dog”
Miranda’s spoiled baby forever

So it’s clear in the end
God’s grace and blessings abound
We wish you Merry Christmas
Be you friend, family or hound

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Branddi said...

i still think you should have been a writer in another life!