Monday, December 14, 2009

Not really shredding at all

This morning I woke up all ready to Shred-you know, shred away the pounds with Jillian Michaels's 30 Day Shred-because I am tired of being so content. I had my shoes set out, a sports bra ready, and the DVD already in the player. I turn it on downstairs, it's Mark's old TV set with the built in DVD and VHS player. I watch all the boring stuff you can't skip past, I listen to her tell us how it's gonna be, and then I'm ready-I'm at the menu-and because the remote was broken about 3 years ago, I can't change which option it is on on the main menu. I can only hit play, I can't go up or down, and the first thing on the list is a thing called Recommendations-it recommends you do it every day.

That's it, that's what it says. So I read the one little sentenece and it sends me back to the main menu-and because of my broken TV, I can't go up or down. Seriously?

So I take it upstairs-sorry honey, you're just going to have to hear all the major amounts of losing weight that I am going to be doing. I put it in that DVD player, wait for all the unnecessaries that once again you can't skip past, get down on the floor so that I can see our DVD player, and look for buttons or something on it so that I can go up or down on the screen.


I have no idea where the remote is for that thing, it again has no up or down buttons on the DVD player and I am no better off and certainly not thinner! The world is conspiring against me and my fat ass.

Maybe I'll try again tomorrow, but for now, I think I will lay on the couch for just a little while, and get alittle more rest- it's healthy to get lots of sleep, right?

**Update Feb 18, 2010**
Just to keep it real, I shredded for 2 whole days in a row about 2 weeks ago, and that's as far as I've made it. Yep, Day 2 of 30 days-and I don't even have the excuse of not being able to figure out the DVD player anymore. I'm just lazy!

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