Monday, March 1, 2010

I am a party pooper

A quick note for those friends of mine, apparently it is not a good idea to invite me to your birthday bash. This weekend, after our weekend guests had to bail on us (which was bad and good-bad because I was excited to hang out with these friends-but good because I didn't have to worry about making excuses for the state of the cabinet in our bathroom nor the twin bed in our guest room,) we went out to supper with another couple, Derek and Dana, to celebrate Dana's birthday. We went to their house and then headed into town for some delicious barbecue and back to their house for some Wii fun.

Sounds all wonderful, right? Well, let me explain a little further. Derek and Dana have a cat, and for those that don't know... or those that I have lied to, I'm allergic. It's not horrible, no hospital trips are needed, but I did load up on the Benadryl (non-drowsy or so I thought) before we went. Well then at supper, I did a big no-no and ordered a margarita (or two) and it wasn't long after eating a large meal, sitting in the warm room, before I knew it was time to go. We got in the car and headed to Wal-Mart, because what trip to the big town is done without one? And as everyone else headed inside, I claimed a huge interest in the last 12 seconds of the K-State game-where I then layed back my chair and promptly fell asleep. It wasn't long before pounding on the door scared the hell woke me up. They were all back to the car, and thankfully ignored the probable drool I had left on my shirt. But we were soon on our way, back to their house, and then because I am that comfortable being a huge dork in front of my friends- I took another nap on the 20 min drive back to their house. Yes, shameful I am. But I did wake up, and proceeded to win both Baseball and MarioKart-because with being so well rested, I apparently didn't have any excuses. Yea for a good birthday for my friend. Dana-you deserve better.

But you see, there's more to this story. The worst thing about it all.........I did the same exact thing at her birthday party last year. Fell asleep on their little love seat out in the shop. Because I am that much of a loser, and apparently the world's worst friend. So sorry Dana-I promise it's not you, it's me. Well other than the fact that you still choose to hang out with me, that's all you, and I don't quite know if I get it.

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