Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Important Part of I Do's

This weekend, Mark and I will be heading to our 6th wedding since the beginning of August. I absolutely love weddings. I love seeing everyone dressed up, I love waiting for the bride to come out, watching the two newlyweds exchange rings, and then of course the reception. There is no better dance than a wedding dance. Everyone's there and is willing to let loose, the best dances always happen. Most of the time my husband will agree to dance with me at least once. And if I do say so myself, we're pretty dang good together! And of course Crazy Aunt Lou might have one too many and make the night real interesting.

Before my wedding, I always used every wedding as an inspiration or as something to do differently than. Now, after the wedding, there's still a comparison, and I believe we did pretty good. But seriously, haven't you all been there. The colors are horrid, the decorations are tacky, the food is bad, and they are charging at the bar. Ugh. I can at least promise you that any wedding that I am a part of will never charge at the bar. There's always gonna be at least some free kegs. If I give anything to the world, let it at least be that promise.

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