Monday, September 15, 2008

It's Been a Good Week!

I love my husband, very much...but I have to say, I was so excited to have the house to myself tonight. I had big plans- a special, yummy meal, full glass of red wine, some quality puppy time, maybe a bit of cleaning while blaring some Jackson Taylor on the stereo. It could only be better if I had a hot, steamy bubble bath and it was the season premier of Grey's! Well, I did have a glass of wine, and I did spend enough time with Cody, the puppy, to get covered in dog hair-quality time is questionable- and my food was pretty awesome, but I didn't get any cleaning done and truthfully I wish Mark was here. But, I'm sure that tonight, when I have our bed all to myself (!) that I'll enjoy it, just for one night.

Oh and just because I'm beyond pumped - I sold over $1000 in Mary Kay last week. Yes, over, as in more than. Meaning the profit = way more than normal! I'm so excited, and I'm trying to keep everything going! I love hanging out with the girls and making them feel beautiful. I had one great girl last week who never wore makeup, said she didn't even own any mascara. She said she never was taught how to put on or wear makeup and whenever she bought anything, it was always the wrong color. She bought everything I put on her, plus some skin care! I'm so excited for her, I hope that she loves the way she looks. I know she'll be beautiful! Another girl really gave me a challenge! We tried on a few different colors for her eyes, and when we were finally done, I hope she realized how beautiful she is! She kept looking down and didn't want everyone looking at her. I can completely understand, but I do hope she can see how awesome she looks. I also found out that I was #6 in Unit Sales for my entire Unit last year. My goal this year is to be top 3! With the momentum I've got going now, who knows what all could happen!

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