Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vote for Me!

So my little sister called to tell me that she is going to run for StuCo for her 7th grade class. She has to make all the signs and everything, come up with a whole speech and give it in front of the entire Jr. High student body. Of course, our family has been involved with 4-H and my sister has given project talks and been in front of judges since she was 7 years old. But I'm nervous for her. Jr. High is a whole different world. It's tough and can be really difficult. My sister is awesome, I love her sense of humor, but she and I are exactly alike and I had a hard time in school. I was never really comfortable with myself until I got to college. I met some of the greatest guys there that accepted me for who I was, my dry humor and bitchy, mothering ways. I finally have been able to really like myself, after finding others that accepted me. And since that time, I have had better relationships with other girls, my family, everyone.

Never have I felt so grown up than when I could talk to and have a conversation with that one high school bully just this past year. You all know who I am talking about, the guy that made you dread walking down the hallway, the one that you hope you see at the reunion fat, bald, and alone! I really knew I had grown up when I no longer felt that way, though it would maybe still be just a little, tiny bit funny. Mainly, I just hope I am able to give my beautiful sisters some confidence that I had to work so hard for. Those difficulties are worth the lessons, but life seems so much more difficult for the younger kids now than even when I was in school (was it really that long ago?)

But anyways, the most important thing to consider is...should she give out free suckers with her name on them or just promise no homework and a fruit punch drinking fountain?

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