Thursday, October 15, 2009

Is queso an acceptable anniversary gift?

Last night my dad came to Clay Center to hang out with me and my husband. He had wanted to take us out for supper for our anniversary since, well our anniversary. But you see, I had no concept of this whole Fall Harvest thing back when I decided I wanted to get married-which has of course resulted in Mark and I never being able to actually celebrate our anniversary with more than a quick supper and a lousy champagne toast at about 10pm when he gets home all dirty and gross from the elevator. I mean seriously, why did no one tell me about this whole deal back when we actually decided on the wedding day!

But anyways-I digress.

My sister Morgan, my dad, Mark and I all went to eat at Carlos O'Kellys. I love me some queso and chips. Did you know-when we lived in Oklahoma-EVERY Mexican restaurant served not only the free chips and salsa, but also free queso! It's one of the few reasons Mark and I kinda miss Oklahoma. That and the......well, I'm thinking......we also miss the umm.......I don't know. There wasn't much else, other than the Mexican restaurants.

Mark and I moved back to Kansas from Oklahoma on March 29th, our 6mo. wedding anniversary-surprisingly another date that we couldn't celebrate, with anything more than a lousy toast and lots of sweating and cursing from the move.

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