Monday, October 19, 2009

Still sick

I'm skipping work today. I wish I could say I was just playing hooky and that I was going to do something fun today, but I'm pretty sure my day will consist of laying on the couch, trying to hack up a lung, guessing as to whether it's been long enough that I can take another capful of my Nyquil stuff, and hopefully making it into the doctor without catching someone else's sickness.

I can't remember a time where I have felt like this. Been this sick. Normally I might get one of those 24 hour things where I just sleep all day. But that's not happening now. I might only get 2 hrs of sleep before I wake up and have to start fighting whatever it is that I have. I cough and cough, not getting anywhere or again have to make that painful swallow in your throat-where you're not really swallowing anything and you have to close your eyes and squint just to finish that painful motion.

And I'm still so hoarse, I can hardly talk-I sound like a whispering man. And yes, my husband is enjoying this quieter Miranda-but I'm still able to make demands, so it doesn't work out all that well for him.

Basically this just sucks and I'd (almost) rather be at work. I'll let you know when I switch over to definitely would rather be at work-if that happens.

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Lara Harris said...

Not to alarm you, but maybe you should check as to what the symptoms are of the Swine Flu? If you are not feeling well soon I would get yourself to the doctor for sure!