Monday, May 9, 2011

Green Beans

I have a new favorite snack. Well…..I have a couple new favorite snacks. If you follow me on twitter (what? You don't? You should! Not that I'm that interesting…but you already know that if you're reading my blog) I ate the heck out of a bag of trail mix today at work. That stuff is ridiculously addictive. BUT the snack that I am really excited about is fresh green beans. I got a bag of green beans from the fresh produce section at the store – and opened it before I got out of the parking lot. Mmmm-mmmmm. Delicious. I can't wait until my own garden full of green beans and such are all ready.

Oh yes, Mark and I did actually get a bit of our garden planted. Corn, green beans, peas, and more. Specials thanks to our wonderful neighbors for a sampler box of seeds. This is my first year with a garden…and basically I have no idea what I'm doing. So, if nothing grows I am sure it will be my fault and not the fault of the seeds. But oh man, I cannot wait for something, anything really to grow out there. Especially so that I can just drive around and snack on some more green beans!

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