Saturday, May 21, 2011


This morning as I was checking my blogroll, I came across a great video shared by Piece of Cake. As I started to listen, I was distracted by what I had on TV. While catching up on all my blogs I also was trying to catch up on all my DVR'd shows. But I had missed a little of what they were saying on "The Talk" so I rewound. But then I missed part of the song that Laura from Piece of Cake shared, so I started her video over. And then I looked up to watch the TV show. Ugh….this wasn't working-so I paused the TV so I could concentrate on the video. Then, I flipped over to some other blogs I had opened on other tabs. But then I thought, no I want to see this video. So I went back to Piece of Cake's blog to watch the video while listening, but before I knew it I had opened up the latest game of Spider Solitaire that I always have going.

I mean seriously, it was if I was incapable of slowing down and focusing on one thing at the time. Why? What is wrong with my generation? I always have the computer up while I'm watching TV. Or maybe I'm reading a book. While in the truck with Mark, I'm reading or playing crossword on my Kindle instead of just talking. And when I do dishes or am cleaning – the TV's on for at least some background noise, or I've got the music blaring.

Now, I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with listening to some music while you're cleaning…but my point is that it is never quiet. I am never solely concentrating on what it is I'm doing. It seems like even when I have my iTunes pulled up on my computer just so I can clean dishes, I'm also thinking about my playlist and maybe searching for a song, or maybe buying a new song.

At the Radio Station, I always have the radio going. It's always playing into my right ear. And when I first started working here, it took a little getting used to. So by the time I left from work, I would leave and just shut my radio off in my car and just drive home in silence. It was a wonderful, peaceful feeling. That feeling of quietness. And it's something that I need to WORK to find more often. So right now, I'm asking you to pause the TV (tell your husband I told you to do it). Don't open another browser or another tab. Don't start thinking about what's for supper, or what's on your grocery list, and don't look at the ledge that needs to be dusted. Just sit and be still….

Now, listen to this. Listen to each word.

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Widge said...

Laura's post really spoke to me this morning as well. I was reading her post on my phone while blow drying my hair, in a rush, on a sunday morning before church (as you do! ha)
It has changed my entire day