Saturday, May 7, 2011


I have a demand for this summer. Mark and I WILL take a vacation. I want to get in another big, fun vacation before we start a family. I think I'd like a beach…..but I doubt that's going to happen. We have a little game in our family when we have to make a decision, typically it's just a "where are we going to eat" kinda decision. But one person will pick three options, a second person will eliminate one option, and then someone else picks between the two for the final decision. See how that works?! It's so handy, helps to eliminate that weird "you decide where we eat" "no you decide."

So I have three choices as to where we should go this summer.

  1. Savannah, Georgia – I have for years wanted to visit Savannah. I want to experience all of that history and Southern charm and architecture and food. But it's quite a distance to travel.
  2. Chicago – Everyone has to visit Chicago once, right? And please the food!? Plus I had a friend tell me that there are tons of free activities, and it's within driving distance.
  3. Nashville – The Grand Ole Opry would be amazing, but I also think I would just want to go and listen to live music every night. Good music comes out of Nashville, but at the same time….there's lots of crap country too. I don't want to get only pulled into the touristy stuff.

So what do you think? I'd love your opinions. Maybe you can "eliminate" one of the options and then Mark will choose between the last two….of course we still have to find both the money and the time to have the vacay…..but surely we can make that happen, right?


Barb said...

Easy choice Chicago!

Diane said...

I think any of the three will be great choices! But, I'll be honest, my gut reaction was to eliminate Nashville...