Sunday, May 22, 2011

Yes, that’s me you are hearing

So I've had a great few weeks at work. My boss made a point to stop in my office and tell me that I was doing a good job. And he's not one to give empty flattery. I've more than doubled our average weekly sales, we've set a sustainable goal for our business, and I really just feel like everything is going in a positive direction…..AND I just did my first live shift on the air as well as my first night on Severe Weather Duty. All of our regular on air personalities had a charity event (ok so it was the local Chamber's golf scramble – but whatever) and so I covered it. I was so pumped. Freaking a little, but also mainly pumped. And it was good that I had so much practice, as yesterday I got called in from 4- about 10:30 for a severe thunderstorm watch. And also about 45 minutes worth of a warning. When we're in a warning, it's no-music/non-stop talking. Which would normally be an easy thing for me. But I want to make sure that I'm giving accurate, up to date info for my listeners….all while not saying ummmm, ummmm, ummmmm the entire time.

So it's been fun, it's been a learning experience. But I'm doing something I absolutely love. The only issue that the program director may have now… that I want to do it more.

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