Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Discounts! Heck Ya Discounts!

Mark and I are getting ready to head out to Louisville, KY. We are driving, it's about 12 hours. We're headed to the National Farm Machinery Show. This will be our first trip as man and wife other than our honeymoon and one weekend trip to Vegas with his parents, grandparents, and sister. So, it's completely us, trying to survive our drive together, deciding what exactly we are going to do, and paying for the whole thing! We're just hoping to come back still wanting to be married.

While we're gone, I'm running a special on a few HOT items for Mary Kay! Just email me, leave a comment, or even better-go to my marykay website and place an order there. (You don't have to pay over the Internet-it just emails me with all the details and I contact you.)



Buy One-Get One Half Off!

~ Facial Cleanser
~ Lip Gloss
~ Any Hydration Product (Moisturizer, Hydrating Gel, Extra Emollient Night Cream, etc.)

Plus, I'm working towards a goal for my unit- I need 19 more new faces and 9 lovely ladies willing to give me their opinion on the Mary Kay opportunity. So, if you help me reach my goal, you'll receive a $10 credit towards any Mary Kay products.

Hope everyone has a great week-I'll be thinking of you while I lay out on the beach, enjoy my MaiTai, and rela ..... oh wait a minute, I meant to say while I wander around a 1 million square feet arena looking at air drills and combines and Lord know what else-which doesn't really matter because I doubt I'll truly understand what all I'm looking at.


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