Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We call him Houdini

While we were gone, we were lucky enough to have our wonderful cousins babysit our little brat, Cody. It was great-he had a kennel to stay in during the day, lots of room to run around in the evening, and a new best friend,Bo, to play with. It was the greatest thing for him, yet I was still worried. Mainly worried that he would run away or run down to the road or something else horrible. But, everything was great and nothing bad happened. We were so happy to have such a great place to put him for the week.

Well then, last night, we had him in the backyard, and I went to let him in the house for a little while. I called and I called and I started getting a little worried. I walked into his kennel and around the side of the house. No Cody. But, both gates are still closed and latched, and not enough room for him to shimmy out. I yelled at Mark to bring a flashlight, as if maybe he was hiding and we'll be able to spot him. Still no Cody. So Mark jumped in the truck and I started circling our block. Mark only had to travel one block away, and Cody loaded back into the truck pretty easily. So, all turned out fine-with only minor anxiety on my part.

But doesn't that just figure. I worry and stress about leaving my dog and him running off and instead when we all are at home again, that's when he tries his escape routine. Danged dog, good thing he's still cute.

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