Tuesday, February 17, 2009


#16 - My husband and I just bought 160 acres of land. We have yet to close but that will be sometime next month. It together is the single most exhilarating and frightening thing I have ever done. Mark and I feel like we're actually starting our life, like we're starting something serious.

I'm mainly excited because not only does the original owner of the land have the same last name as my maiden name, Erickson, but I got to name the land. You know, you have to have different names for all the different sections you farm-that way you know which land you're talking about. So, we decided that we would call it Swede's after Swede Erickson. What a good guy he was.

And so now, I have land to be a farmer's wife of. I'm the Lady of the farm-Lady of Swede's Land!

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~morgan said...

Lady of Swede's- I love it : ) I'm so happy for you two!