Thursday, January 14, 2010

Just in case you didn't think I was strange enough

Do you remember those grade school days when after recess, everyone lined up at the water fountain and if you took too long, you'd get in trouble? You could only drink from the fountain for five seconds, and everyone behind you would loudly count together, One....Two...Threeeeee...FOURRRRR....FI- and finally the water retaining offender would step away, allowing the next individual to go through the whole process again. Well, can I tell you a secret? Another one, after that long list of quirks (I prefer to call them quirks, makes them more adorable-less obnoxious.) But..... I still count to myself in my head when I'm drinking out of a water fountain. Not that I do that very often, the water fountain doesn't present itself as an opportunity much anymore.

And on a sidenote-I wore flip flops yesterday. That's right Kansas Winter! You're going down! Your threat of many more inches of snow and ice that will only pile upon the slushy, dirty, grungy inches of snow and ice still here does NOT scare me!

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