Sunday, January 24, 2010

We lost a bedroom

This weekend Mark and I had my younger brother and sister over. They were excited to hang out with us for the weekend, and we were excited for the free labor. So we put them to work. We decided it was time to attack the basement. Our house is a split level and so there's "4 levels." When you walk in our front door, you walk into the living room (which has already been remade into a beautiful room-if I do say so myself) and from that living room you can walk down into what would probably be considered the "family room."

It was decent sized, probably about 12 by 20. So not bad, but when you consider that we want a bar, and a sectional and a big screen and a hotdog cooker, there's not a lot of room. And of course it had paneling, because what family room is complete without paneling.

There was also a bedroom, the "Coca Cola" room, with wallpaper and border and cement floors, and paneling on two of the walls. This was one of the 5 bedrooms. But these are all the "BEFORE" pictures! Because.....

We tore down the paneling (just for full disclosure-this was actually done probably about 5 months ago.)
We tore out the ceiling in the bedroom (again like 5 months ago).
And then this weekend the real fun was had. This is everyone punching, kicking, and karate chopping through the walls.

Oh yes, good times were had by all.

This is why they come to hang out with us, we do typically put them to work......but it usually involves demolition. And what almost 10-year old and 14-year old don't like destruction!

The holes are getting bigger!

I love it!

We opened up the window and just passed all the dryboard chunks out. It was like a relay, I felt like I was on Holmes on Homes.

And finally-Victory! Our home is no longer a 5 bedroom, but instead a 4br with a (soon to be gorgeous) family room.

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