Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Road Warriors

Today I will be traveling down the road, headed on our way out of town, out of the state, out of this snow!


We'll have to see.

But I do know one thing, as we're traveling down the road, with our bags, and books to read in the airport, and blankets to keep us warm, and the rest of the junk that I think needs to go along with-I won't be worried. Because my husband is my champion, my bad weather-late night-long drive- truck driving champion.

As we traveled from one Christmas to another this past holiday season, I knew that we would get there safe and sound and warm, because I trust my husband and his driving abilities. That was definitely a huge positive on the list of reasons why to marry my farmer husband.

And because we won't be back until after his birthday, and I probably won't be doing any updates until then-I just want to say, Thanks honey. I love you. You are a wonderful man, and my favorite guy to have around. Happy 25th!

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