Tuesday, January 5, 2010

This is for you Brandi

Ten Things You Didn't Know that You Wanted To Know About Miranda:
(Or maybe 10, we'll see how ambitious I get.)

1. When I was in grade school, I competed in math competitions. I believe I even owned a shirt that said Math-A-Thon. And, though I can distinctly remembering my math teacher joking about the fact that some people were probably only in the competition for all the amazing junk food our parents made for the intense studying sessions after school (meaning me) I took home 2 Golds, and 1 Silver during my 6th grade year-and yes there were only 3 different contests, and no I didn't really get medals.

2. I have a very obsessive nature-but only about dumb things. If I start reading a book, or playing a computer game, or watching a new TV show, it's about all that I want to do or think about. Not healthy, not healthy at all.

3. Staying with my weird numbers theme, I have a weird thing for numbers. I always try to make numbers that I see add up to each other, or arrange them in a sequence or something. For instance, I just turned over 189981 miles in my car. And it made me happy. I like combination locks that have an interesting pattern, something like 38, 85, 53. But if I look at the clock and it's 4:17-it does nothing for me.

4. My favorite number is 21, I don't want to explain all the reasons why, because I've probably already scared you enough.

5. I am headed to Florida with my inlaws, and I think that perhaps it has not yet set in, because I cannot get excited about packing. And normally I'm all about packing, with lists upon lists, and doublechecking and going over it again my head and counting the days and what outfits I have. And so far, not so much.

6. I have probably painted my toenails less than 5 times myself in my entire life, and even less than that for my fingers-I just suck at it, and so I refuse.

7. At family gatherings I don't worry about bringing food, I bring the wine. And yes, I bring the cheap stuff to set out first, and the good stuff for me to hide (I hide it in my own wineglass.) But my family doesn't care, boxed wine is still wine!

8. Most days, I feel as if I am wasting my intelligence, my degree, and my experience with my current job-but I don't know what to do about it.

9. In my head, I am still skinnier than I am in real life-that also means that in my head I have much smaller boobs. But now, after this whole getting married and gaining 30 pounds thing, it has worked out for the better for my husband (wink wink nudge nudge, if you get what I'm saying.) And so I'm a little obsessed with my boobs now. If I was a dude, I would definitely be a boob guy. I'm just sayin'.

10. I love to go grocery shopping, and I really love to go grocery shopping with my husband. I know, its kind of stick a finger down your throat disgusting, but we have fun conversations and silly jokes and just time together. Plus I can combine my love of food with my love of math and figure out exactly which brand or item costs the least per ounce. It doesn't get any better than that.


Anonymous said...

This is for Brandi? GEEZ where do I rate? I want a post, Come on! By the way, I can't believe I am the weird one after reading those 10 things. But, to be fair none of them surprised me. The list one is only weird because I have seen the strange shit you put on your lists.....rubber dog poop, Really??? Oh and Rainman, put your math skills to good use next time we go to the casino, learn to count f-ing cards! The clevage obsession is a little odd, but I know how much you like country music, maybe you are just shooting for Dolly Pardon sized jugs! I have made a mental note if I see you and your old man in the grocery store to run not walk the other way! Otherwise there might be an overhead page for a cleanup of vomit on aisle 3! I am sure you won't read this while in Florida, but I am going to take a chance that you will and remind you to bring me something. I forgot to tell you before you left and texting you may seem a little desparate. I miss you! Come home safe! Tell Marcus Happy Bday!--Beav

Brandi said...

Be jealous Beav-be very jealous! Ha! I love it!