Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hello Internet- I am still here

So what do you do when you haven't posted on your blog for practically 4 months or something (or so it would seem from the nasty messages I have received from some naughty little "followers" I have, and by "followers" I mean "friends", and by "friends" I mean people that I have to put up with every day at work) and yet you're still too tired with nothing interesting to write, but you want to go ahead and jot down some things?

Maybe write an 82 word long question??

No, you make a Quick List!

So let's see if I can come up with 7 Quick (and interesting) tidbits.

1. I gave up TV for Lent, so though it would seem I gave up blogging-that is not true. No TV and it's actually not as hard as I thought. Though I have been spending quite a bit more time down here in the office with the ol' computer.

2. I have a new favorite computer game (whoda thunk it considering the time I have put on this thing.) It's a math game. So whoever thought to put math and computer games together was thinking of me! Square Logic-more addicting than sudoku, and better too!

3. I ordered season baseball tickets for K-State. I never watched baseball growing up. Barely played it like one year, couldn't care less, thought it was boring. And I'm a big sports kind of girl. (Not big like big...well bigger than I'd like, but big like faithful, passionate, spirited kind of sports girl.) But after being required to attend every single home game while working in the Athletics Dept., let me tell ya-I love it! Love it!! So now with season tickets I have the perfect excuse to call in sick on opening day.

4. Since giving up TV, my husband has watched much less TV as well, resulting in not only a cleaner house but also Mark and I have been sitting down at the supper table together, praying before our meal, and eating and talking and actually looking at one another and checking in with how our days have gone. It's way more than what we used to do, lay on the couch and in the recliner away from each other, say how was your day?-fine, and then continue the rest of the evening only talking when the other person forgets to fast forward through the commercials.

5. Twice today I have been asked, as an interesting introspective question "Who are you? How do you define yourself?" The first time in a blog that I read daily the second time at church during the sermon. And so, maybe that's something I need to think about, to ponder if you will, Who am I? How do I define myself? Where do I feel most at home? And am I living up to who I want to be? But like I said, I'm tired and no answers can be found tonight.

6. My dog is the cutest freaking dog you've ever seen. Just accept it because it's true. He's 80 lbs of love and when he lays down, he crosses his front legs. And I talk to him in baby talk. It's horrible I know. But he'z da cutest wittle thing, yes he iz!

7. I wrecked my first car while I still had my 30 day tags on it. And I was only 14. With my 4 year old sister in the car with me. We were doing "farm work" and at that time it was legal-though you may have to decide if getting your hair cut is really considered "farm work."

Look I made it through 7 quick things, and as you would guess-nothing is ever truly quick with me. So this thing is about forever long, so congrats to you if you're still reading it!

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Jenny said...

Oh, #7 cracked me up!!