Sunday, February 28, 2010

Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! *Giveaway at bottom

I got it! I finally got it! I finally found and got my hands on my very own copy of Flea Market Style Magazine. I am so excited. Flea Market Style is a blog that I have been following for quite a while and they have been working on putting out a great magazine, and it was finally released and sent to stores about 2 or 3 weeks ago. Since then I have been searching the racks at the stores in town, Wal-Mart, and any other store selling magazines-trying to find one. Well for once in my life, Pamida in Clay Center came through for me. They may not have Wii remotes.....but hey, at least I got my magazine.

Flea Market Style is everything I want my home and my own style to be. It's unique, beautiful, tells a story all its own, and can typically be pretty low budget. I have already been poring over the pages, being inspired and amazed what others have done. Since I am so new to decorating my own home and figuring out what I like and enjoy, it's been a lot of fun to see many different possibilities and to be encouraged as to how easy it is to do in my own home.

So in honor of my fun find, and because I hope that sales for this magazine will be wonderful, prompting the editors to create more- I have bought at least one extra magazine, to be given away to one lucky person. So, while there maybe no actual chicken dinner, you can still be a winner of the magazine, and maybe some other fun little things that will also fit in the package.

So to enter for this awesome giveaway, simply
1) Leave a comment, telling me who you are, where you're from, AND what your own design style is at home.
2) Become a follower
3) Leave a 2nd comment, telling me that you linked to this giveaway on your own blog.

That's it! The winner will be announced next Sunday, March 6th. So stay tuned, as I may be adding some fun to stuff to the total winnings as we go along this week!

Oh and if you want to check out the Flea Market Style blog yourself, just follow this link.


Anonymous said...

This is a kick ass magazine! I flipped through it, lots of inspiration. I am Alicia from Kansas and I would say my house is modern in style.

Beautifully Inspired said...

Sign me up!

Thanks so much for the comment. Our entire house is shades of brown and gray (for the moment). Thanks again for stopping by!!

p.s. I was cheering for K State last night!


handbags*n*pigtails said...

I had the pleasure of leafing through the magazine at a Sams Club about a half an hour away from my home one day. I thought I tossed (Or hid, LOL) it in the cart but when we got home later that day it wasnt in the car, on the receipt, etc... HMMMMMMMMM???So either it FELL out of my cart(yeah right), or one of my daughters tossed it aside(very likely), or my hubby conveniently "lost" it.
My style is very...mixed. I have been trying to narrow it down as I read many different blogs but I find I like alot...traditional, french country, etc... I guess to nail it down Id say anywhere from the Pottery Barn magazines to anything found in the Flea Markets. Wow, theres a range for ya!
Anywho, I look forward to reading more from you:) Have a great weekend and Id love to win!