Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Music Tuesday-Groundhog Day Edition

Today's Tuesday, right? I mean I at least think it is, and I wish I could say-oh it's just been one of those weeks-but it really hasn't. I'm not that busy. I'm just confused.

But anyways, listen to these guys. I know I've talked about them before-but how often do you get to personally know the lead singer for a great new, up and coming band from Kansas? I'll tell you how often--not very. But before singing for Callous Maddy, Lucas Maddy was a part of every week for me in college. My husband and Lucas had many of the same classes and also shared the same "lounge." You know, where everyone hung out, ate lunch, and slept off last night's hangover. There were many late nights at Longhorns, he swung me around the dance floor at my wedding, and I even still have the tshirt from when he and his sister ran for the Student Body President/VP spots. Which he won! So I have an awful big soft spot for these guys-plus it doesn't hurt that their music is just fun to listen to.



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Lucas said...

Thanks for the props! We're recording this week too, some great new songs I'm excited for everyone to hear! Thanks!!!