Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Weekend my house

This weekend we are having some friends coming to stay. I get to scrub down my house in anticipation, and play Hostess while they are here. My husband and I tend to be pretty laid back in the cleaning department, but recently I have tried to make some changes in that area. Just simple stuff like doing a little bit of cleaning every day, who knew!? It makes such a difference come the weekend. I just don't want to suffer from CHAOS-you know "Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome."

But while they're here I want it to be comfortable and relaxing (and clean too) and so I was looking for some advice. What should I do special or different for these first time guests? I mean besides trying to vacuum the "Cody" out of everywhere, since she happens to be allergic to dogs. Any specials little things to put beside the bed or in their room? Chocolates, Swan Towel on the bed, or whatever. And let's be real too, I don't do any needlepoint and probably won't be buying a mini fridge.


Joni said...

I know I'm too late...but maybe for next time: Flowers in the guest room. And turn on a lamp on the bedside table and turn off the over head light. :)

Miranda's Minutes said...

Hey Joni! You're not too late because they ended up not coming this last weekend. And you're so right, flowers! That would make the room feel so luxurious and my guests feel special. I love it.