Friday, March 5, 2010


I love blogging. It exposes me to so much. There are so many things that in my quiet, quaint little world I would never see. I am inspired by other's stories, passions, homes, and music. I am that dork that constantly says to my husband, "The other day on this blog I was reading...."

But in the Middle of Nowhere, Kansas how else would I connect with a mother of four in Southern California, and watch as she puts out some of the most honest thoughts of motherhood and dealing with life and money and baking cakes?

How would I see how literally hundreds of people decorate their homes with the kind of style that I can only copy?

How would I meet a woman who has adopted through foster care three different, beautiful children and be inspired by her patience and dedication?

And how would I have found this?

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Ryan said...

Thanks :)

And more importantly.. thanks for the recommend of You prob think it's funny for a guy to read a mom blog, but I shared it with my wife and I'll prob keep reading it for the same reason you listed above.